Structuring Your Business For Success

Do you need clarity? Are you struggling to choose the right business structure for your business? Would you like to learn the secret to running a more efficient business that gives you more time? Structuring Your Business For Success is the perfect course for you.
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Join me as we map out your plan for your entrepreneurial journey.

You Will Learn

  • the essential aspects of business planning

  • which business structure is best for your business

  • and how to create systems and procedures for your business that easily allow you to grow your team

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Join The Genius Lounge Facebook Group

    • Join the Genius Lounge Facebook Group
  • 2

    Business Planning: Plan For The Success You Want

    • Dreamers dream and doers do
    • How to write your plan
    • What to include
    • Business Plan Starter Worksheet
  • 3

    Business Entities: What You Really Want To Know

    • The business behind business
    • Business entities explained
    • Staying protected
    • Business entity checklist
  • 4

    Business Systems: Use Systems, Get Excited, Create A Business You Love

    • Divorce your business
    • What are business systems
    • Creating systems in your business
    • Top Automation Business Tools
  • 5

    Own Your Genius Challenge

    • Own Your Genius Introduction
    • Trademark: How to Protect Your Brand
    • Copyrights: How to Protect Your Content
    • Patents: How to Protect Your Ideas
    • Trade Secrets: How to Keep Your Competitive Edge
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Bonus: Additional Copyright and Trademark Videos
    • [OPTIONAL] How To Protect Your Brand When You're Just Starting Out And Low On Cash