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If you're starting a business, stuck in business, or ready to take your business to the next level, the you're in the right place! The Launch Legally Blueprint is designed for those who want to thrive in business while avoiding legal pitfalls. 

Launch Legally Blueprint

4 Part Process

  • The Legal Basics Handbook

  • Online Course

  • Business Plan Workbook

  • Community

According to a 2018 State of Women in Business study, African American women are creating businesses at increasing numbers. Unfortunately statistics also show that African American(2016 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Study) business are more likely to fail than other races.  

Nobody has time for that. We have generational curses to break, wealth to build and differences to make. 

Although the reasons vary, the top reasons businesses don't make it past the three year mark are: 

  • Lack of funding
  • Bad contracts or lack thereof 
  • Unscalable businesses
  • Lack of support

The Blueprint's 4 part process overcomes these common reasons for failing and more. Here's a closer look.

Launch Legally: The Legal Basics Handbook

A Guide For Non Lawyer Entrepreneurs

Written in layman's terms, Attorney LaConya Murray guides entrepreneurs through potential legal disasters. If you have ever wondered what clauses to look out for when entering a contract, whether your business needs to be corporation or LLC, or have ever asked, "what do I need to know before I start my business, this book is for you. Attorney Murray is straight to the point, with no fluff or fillers, while providing an excellent overview of what you need to consider before starting your business to launch legally.
Launch Legally: The Legal Basics Handbook

Launch Legally: The Business Plan Workbook

A Guide For Entrepreneurs Ready To Get Ish Done

The most important reader of your business plan is you. You must know all the intimate details of your business if you plan to succeed. Have you put off writing your business plan because you have no idea where to start? It's time to stop playing around and get ish done. Attorney LaConya Murray has taken the guesswork out of writing your business plan by tackling the number one challenge facing inspiring entrepreneurs, what to include in their business plan. She asks the tough questions, so you don't have to.
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Online Course

Structuring Your Business For Success

I'm talking:

📝Business planning

🏢Business structures

🔥Business systems

ⓡ Trademark masterclass

Ⓒ Copyright masterclass

and most importantly community. As a part of the Blueprint you have access to two private communities, the Genius Lounge and the exclusive LLB Community. The Genius Lounge ™ is a private community for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for support, knowledge, and motivation. The LLB Community is exclusive to Launch Legally Blueprint students. It is a place to discuss the contents of the Blueprint with other students and myself. Both places have a community of people willing to listen, share, and collaborate.  

What Others Are Saying

V. Tee

Great Advice

V. Tee

Great advice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Even if you've launched your business you need to read this book. The tips will help you to protect your brand.
R. McAdory

Straight Fire 🔥

R. McAdory

LaConya! Your Workbook is 🔥!! The simplicity of it. Read other books on business plans & this exceeds them.
A. Robinson

Informative and Empowering

A. Robinson

My Business Strategy Session with Attorney LaConya Murray was both informative and empowering. She is a strong, intelligent woman. She provided really great insight on making strategic business moves, and provided information on how I should make sure my business is protected.


There's More!

  • Discounted Legal Services

    As an additional bonus, enrolled students will receive 10% off of trademark, copyright, and contract services for one year.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Books Are On The Way

    • Mailing Address Needed
  • 2

    Join The Genius Lounge Facebook Group

    • Join the Genius Lounge Facebook Group
  • 3

    Join The LLB Private Community

    • What Is The LLB Community
  • 4

    Business Planning: Plan For The Success You Want

    • Module 1 Dreamers dream and doers do
    • Module 1.1 How to write your plan
    • Module 1.2 What to include
    • Business Plan Starter Worksheet
  • 5

    Business Entities: What You Really Want To Know

    • Module 2 The Business Behind The Business
    • Module 2.1 Business Entities Explained
    • Module 2.2 Staying protected
    • Business Entity Checklist
  • 6

    Business Systems: Use Systems, Get Excited, Create A Business You Love

    • Module 3 Divorce your business
    • Module 3.1 What are business systems
    • Module 3.2 Creating systems in your business
    • Top Automation Business Tools
    • Employee Handbook Checklist
  • 7

    Trademark Masterclass

    • About the Masterclass
    • Trademark Introduction
    • Choosing A Strong Mark
    • What does USPTO look for in your trademark application
    • Dead and Abandoned Trademarks
    • The Application Process
  • 8

    Copyright Masterclass

    • About the Masterclass
    • The Autonomy of a Copyright
    • What Can Be Protected
    • What Can't Be Protected
    • Rights and Exceptions
    • Enforcing Your Rights: Cease and Desist
    • Enforcing Your Rights: DMCA Takedown
    • Enforcing Your Rights: Litigation
  • 9

    Other Intellectual Property

    • Patent Introduction
    • Interview with patent attorney, Ron Baker
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Bonus: Additional Copyright and Trademark Videos
    • [OPTIONAL] How To Protect Your Brand When You're Just Starting Out And Low On Cash

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What format are the books and when will I receive my books?

    Both the Legal Basics Handbook and the Business Plan Workbook are paperback books. Once you enroll in the course, your books will ship 3-4 after you provide your mailing address.

  • Is this the course that teaches me how to complete trademark and copyright applications?

    No. That course is Brand Legally. It is offered once per year.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We have a strict no refund policy.

  • What format is the course?

    The course is video format.

  • Will I get to work with Attorney Murray directly?

    You will not work with Attorney Murray directly unless you upgrade your purchase to include a consultation with Attorney Murray. If you have a question specific to your business, please schedule a consultation.

  • But what if I have a general question about the course?

    Great news! As part of this course you have access to the discussion cube where you can ask course related questions. Feel free to ask your questions there. Keep in mind that the answers are not legal advice.

  • When can I start?

    You can start right away and learn at your own pace.

  • How long will I have access to this course

    You will have access to this course for as long it is available.

  • Can I use this information to provide legal help to other people?

    No. If you know someone who needs legal assistance please refer them to this course or a licensed attorney.

Taught By:

LaConya Murray, Esq.

Brand Attorney

LaConya Murray, Esq.

LaConya Murray, is better known as the Brand Attorney. She is the owner of the intellectual property boutique, Off the Mark Ip Solutions where she has spent the majority of her legal career assisting clients throughout the United States protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademark, copyright, and contract law. In addition to being a legal baddie, she is also an entrepreneur advocate. Through her podcast the Legal Tea, virtual academy, Launch Legally, and YouTube channel, LaConyaMurray TV, her mission is to help entrepreneurs transition into business owners by making sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to create successful and scalable businesses. LaConya received her law degree from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law a semester early in December 2010. She is licensed to practice law in the state of Alabama, the Eleventh Circuit of United States Court of Appeals and the United States District Court Middle District of Alabama. You can find her on social media at @laconyamurray