Stop riding dirty in your business!

You’ve been riding dirty in your business far too long! Launching brands but no trademarks. Creating content but no copyrights. Working with clients and other third parties but no contracts.

Disclaimer, no toes were harmed in the posting of this content.

Have you put off launching a project or creating content out of fear that someone would  "steal your idea?" Is trying to figure all of this out stressing you out?

I understand how overwhelming the law is for non-lawyers. It is this feeling that prevents new business owner from seeking the help they need. Which is why I created the Brand Legally Blueprint.

Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to stop putting your brand at risk. The Brand Legally Blueprint framework helps entrepreneurs just like you protect their brand, content, and ideas in only 30 days.

In the Blueprint, I enable my students 

  • to prevent copycat brands from stealing their shine and ruining their reputations, 
  • protect their signature talks when presenting for third parties, and 
  • confidently create content because they know their rights.

This can be you if you enroll in the Brand Legally Blueprint and do the work.

C. Wright - Business Owner

Google wasn't enough...

C. Wright - Business Owner

My biggest challenge prior to joining the Blueprint was making sure my company name wasn't already taken before I spend money branding my company. It was stressful because I knew checking Google wasn't enough. I also knew it cost a lot of money to hire an attorney when you are starting a new business. After joining the Blueprint all of this changed! I didn't know you have to submit paperwork for the name and logo separately. I also didn't know I don't own the logo even if I paid someone to create it bring my idea to life. Now I have a clear understanding about trademark and copyright. I also know how to do my own search and to submit paperwork. If you are on the fence about joining, do it! It is worth every penny if you want stay out of legal trouble or understand what you are paying your legal team to do. Knowledge is Power!! I'm still digesting all of it. This is a great course for entrepreneurs already in business and those who are ready to launch in less than 6 months since they'll have real data to use. If I took it a year ago when I was starting my business, this would have been only good information like business law in undergrad but now I'm able to apply or execute the information for my actual business.
K. Fotson​​ - Online Course Creator

The Clarification I Needed

K. Fotson​​ - Online Course Creator

My business is online piano lessons, where I teach with a fun, engaging, and results driven approach, but at the students’ convenience in an online platform. I have created a curriculum for my students and owning my genius means protecting my piano lesson books, website, and lesson videos, which is the medium I use for my content. Thank you LaConya Murray for this class! These lessons have been providing clarification and answering questions I’ve had for quite some time. Thanks for explaining in a clear manner. I’m also learning from the questions from the other students! I appreciate everyone’s perspective!! Blessings everyone this week! 😘😘🙏🏽🙏🏽

So what’s the Investment?

Brand Legally Blueprint includes:

  • 4 weeks of LIVE coaching from me ($4,000 value)

  • LIFETIME community access ($2364 value)

  • 5 Must have contract templates for business owners ($750 value)
  • Cease and Desist Letter ($825 value)
  • DMCA Takedown Letter ($825 value)
  • PLUS: Business Plan Workbook ($40 value)

  • PLUS: Business Basics Handbook ($25 value)

That’s an $8829 value, but...your investment is:

OPTION 1:  One payment of $1997 Best Value!

(You'll save 50% off enrollment + receive a one-hour STRATEGY CALL with me)


OPTION 2: Payment plan with three payments of $725

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Course Reviews

Worth Every Penny!

Sherry LeGare-Underwood

I got up on a Saturday morning and took this course because I have a trademark for the business I've poured so much of myself into, plus daily social media ...

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I got up on a Saturday morning and took this course because I have a trademark for the business I've poured so much of myself into, plus daily social media marketing and branding, that I really can't afford to let it go unregistered any longer. I've been hesitating to hire someone else to do it because of the expense. I didn't know what to expect but let me tell you Connie walked us through every single step that SHE follows to register a trademark for her own clients. I'm an attorney and a DIY type but I realized that if I had tried to do this myself before the course I would have gotten it wrong and ended up having to pay a higher fee to straighten it out. Do yourself a favor --take the course and save yourself some money too!

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Worth Every Bit

Michael Andrews Jr.

It's more apparent to me how much work Trademark attorney's need to do in order to help a client. This course opened my eyes to the process and how I need to...

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It's more apparent to me how much work Trademark attorney's need to do in order to help a client. This course opened my eyes to the process and how I need to really plan my Trademark process. I believe I am equipped because of this course to get started NOW. This course was worth every bit of the price I paid. It certainly pays to get in early on an offer.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Brand Legally Blueprint!

    • Join the Brand Legally Blueprint FB Group
    • Before we begin...
    • Welcome
    • Course Overview
  • 2

    Identify Your Brand

    • Intellectual Property Overview
    • Trademark Introduction
    • Trademark Q & A
    • Copyright Introduction
    • Copyright Q & A
    • Patent Introduction
    • Trade secrets Introduction
    • Trade secret q & a
    • Milestone Homework
    • ✔️Brand Legally Workbook- Milestone 1 of 7 Identify your intellectual property ✔️(plus cheat sheet)
  • 3

    Trademarks: Secure Your Brand

    • Brand Identifier Review
    • I.C.U. Method of Determining Trademark Readiness
    • Choosing a Strong Mark
    • What does USPTO look for in your trademark application
    • ✔️Milestone 2 of 7 ✔️Choose a strong mark
  • 4

    Trademarks: How to Determine if Your Mark is Available for Use

    • Clearing your Word Mark for Use Part 1
    • Clearing your Word Mark for Use Part 2
    • Clearing your Word Mark for Use Part 3
    • Dead and Abandoned Trademarks
    • ✔️Milestone 3 of 7 ✔️Clear your trademark for use in USPTO
  • 5

    Trademark: The Application Process

    • The Application Process
    • Application Walk Through
    • Trademark Classes
    • ✔️Milestone 4 of 7 ✔️Identify your class
  • 6

    Copyrights: Protect Your Content

    • The Autonomy of a Copyright
    • Autonomy of a Copyright Q & A
    • What Can Be Protected
    • What Can Be Protected Q & A
    • What Can't Be Protected
    • Rights and Exceptions
    • Rights and Exception Q&A
    • ✔️Milestone 5 of 7 ✔️Identify your Copyright
  • 7

    Copyright: Enforcing Your Rights

    • Enforcing Your Rights: Cease and Desist
    • Cease and Desist
    • Enforcing Your Rights: DMCA Takedown
    • DMCA Takedown Letter
    • Enforcing Your Rights: Litigation
  • 8

    Copyright: The Application Process

    • The Application Process
    • Application Walk Through Q&A
    • ✔️Milestone 6 of 7 ✔️Register your copyright
  • 9

    Contracts: Communicate Your Expectations

    • ✔️Milestone 7 of 7 ✔️Execute your contracts
  • 10

    Next steps

    • Before you go...

Your Instructor

LaConya Murray, Esq.

Brand Attorney

LaConya Murray, Esq.

LaConya Murray, is better known as the Brand Attorney. She is the owner of the intellectual property boutique, Off the Mark Ip Solutions where she has spent the majority of her legal career assisting clients throughout the United States protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademark, copyright, and contract law. In addition to being a legal baddie, she is also an entrepreneur advocate. Through her podcast the Legal Tea, virtual academy, Launch Legally, and YouTube channel, LaConyaMurray TV, her mission is to help entrepreneurs transition into business owners by making sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to create successful and scalable businesses. LaConya received her law degree from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law a semester early in December 2010. She is licensed to practice law in the state of Alabama, the Eleventh Circuit of United States Court of Appeals and the United States District Court Middle District of Alabama. You can find her on social media at @laconyamurray


  • Who is this course for?

    Business owners and potential business owners who operate their business in the United States who are tired of letting trademarks and copyrights get the best of them. Trademarks and copyrights can be confusing but they don’t have to be.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts August 5th and never ends. The content is released over a four week period but can be completed at your own pace.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    If after completing the video lessons and actively participating in Office Hours you’re not satisfied the Brand Legally Blueprint, simply e-mail during your first 7 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

  • Can I use this information to provide trademark/copyright services for anyone other than myself?

    No. It is illegal to provide legal services without a law license. You must be a licensed attorney to advise and prepare trademark/copyright applications for anyone other than yourself.

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